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[8 Acre Copse]
8 Acre Copse

What we do

The farm has a broad leaved wood called "8 Acre Copse" which for reasons unknown to us measures 25 acres. Much of this was cleared in the 1960's and 1970's and has since regenerated by naturally re-seeding. This has lead to a woodland with a preponderance of "spindly" trees fighting for light that have become too tall and also unmanaged historic hazel coppice.

A detailed Management Plan has been agreed with the Forestry Commission and consequently remedial work such as removing invasive non-native plant species such as rhododendron has commenced. In addition new tracks are being constructed to allow access into the woodland and a structured felling and replanting plan has been created.

It is anticipated that this plan will provide a mosaic of young, middle aged and mature areas within the woodland and so encourage diversity of flora and fauna. In addition the widening of the woodland rides and increase of light within the woodland enhance the amount of "woodland edges" where biodiversity is most concentrated.

Logs for Sale

  • Log burner wood - a mix of sizes and shapes and may include woods that spit.
    Price: £75 per cubic metre bag
  • Silver Birch - all 9 inches and split.
    Price: £80 per cubic metre bag
  • Hardwoods - all 9 inches and split.
    Price: £85 per cubic metre bag
  • Discounts available for larger orders
  • Free delivery within a 5-mile radius of the farm or collection if preferred

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